Andorians are a race of blue skinned humanoids noted for their volatile temperaments and large, fleshy antennae. They have been self-described as violent and warlike. Their skin ranges through a wide variety of bluish tints, and their hair is usually white (yellowish or bluish tints are possible). Their marriages are complicated, and typically involve four partners.

There are four Andorian genders, two of which seem externally male, and two of which seem to be externally female. All of these genders serve a function in Andorian procreation. Externally, sequence 1 genders can be distinguished from sequence 2 genders by the placement of the individual’s antennae – sequence 1 genders tend to have a more forward placement.

Prior to becoming a founding member of the Federation, the Andorians were involved in a long-standing cold war with the Vulcans, which occasionally brought them into conflict with humans.

Homeworld: Andoria (Andor, Fesoan).

Example Names:
Male names include Ghee P’Trell, Shras, Thelev, Shran, and Thalin.
Female names include Talas, Thoma, and Tarah.

Type: Humanoid [Andorian]

Size: Medium

Base Speed: 30 feet

Ability Score Modifiers
+2 to Fighting, Physique and Passion, -2 to Wisdom, Patience, and Peace. Andorians are tough, combative, and impulsive, tending to jump to conclusions, attacking first and asking questions later.

Languages: Andorian and Galacta. Andorians may know Orion, Tellerite, Terran, and Vulcan as bonus languages.

Compatibility: Andorians are only compatible with other Andorians and the Aenar, a sub-species of the Andorians. Also, Andorian gender should be listed as female (1), female (2), male (1), or male (2).

Species Traits:


All Andorians belong to a keth, aka clan, often specializing in an area of expertise or particulate service. Choose your keth, and record the modifications

Dara: +2 species bonus to Stealth skill checks.

Dovoro: +2 species bonus to Aficionado and one Profession (choose at character creation)
skill checks.

Idrani: +2 Marksmanship, Melee Weapons, or Unarmed Combat

Idisha: +2 species bonus to Disguise and Perform (Acting) skill checks.

Kor: +2 species bonus to Diplomacy skill checks.

P’Trell: +1 species bonus to Diplomacy and Treat Injury skill checks.

Aldin: +2 species bonus to two Knowledge skills (choose at character creation) skill checks.

Athrun: +2 species bonus to Navigate and Pilot skill checks.

Birev: +2 species bonus to Disable Device and Repair skill checks.

Defense Species Traits

Members of this race receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as any other ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments.

Offense Species Traits

Feats and Skill Species Traits

+4 to Perception

Sense Species Traits

-2 Fortitude saves versus poisons. Thanks to their twin-layered circulatory system, Andorians are less vulnerable to extreme environments, but more vulnerable to poison, which spreads through their bodies faster.

Challenge Adjustment +1

• +2 Strength; -2 Charisma. Andorians are stronger on average than Humans, but are less charismatic.
• Medium: As Medium creatures, Andorians have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Andorian base land speed is 30 feet.
• +4 species bonus to Fortitude saves when dealing with cold and cold-based attacks.
• +4 species bonus to Listen checks. Andorian antennae are extremely sensitive to sound.
• Bonus Feat: Alertness.
• Danger Sense (Ex): Because of their antennae, Andorians have an extraordinary ability that allows them to have a sixth sense about things. Andorians can roll a Wisdom check against a DC 25; if they succeed then they know the general size, location, speed, and direction of movement of an object.
• An Andorian’s sixth sense will not usually reveal any information about the object’s shape. Once an Andorian has sensed something, he may target it with a ranged or melee attack (taking the same penalties on the attack roll as there were on the sense roll, but never a bonus). This ability is modified by the Alertness feat.

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